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NEPO offers a range of solutions to meet public sector fleet requirements. This category also includes solutions relating to winter maintenance and recycling.

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Fleet Frameworks

Buses & Coach Purchase Fleet

The solution enables the purchase of buses and coaches covering OEM minibuses, 5 seat people mover conversions, 12 - 17 seat van and coach built minibus conversions, coach and buses up to 75 seats including double decked, articulated, and tri-axle.


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Fleet

A framework that supports the investment, operation, maintenance and growth of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the North East.


Finance and Leasing (DPS) Fleet

The Procurement Partnership Limited (TPPL) has established a DPS for finance and leasing, including fleet and accident management.


Grounds Maintenance Equipment and Plant Fleet

This solution has been procured in partnership with TPPL and makes available a wide range of grounds maintenance equipment, hand held tools and construction/agricultural plant through purchase on a non-operator basis only.


HGV & Specialist Vehicles Acquisition Fleet

A nationally-available solution that provides all UK public bodies with a compliant route to market for the acquisition of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and specialist vehicles.


Hydrogen generation and infrastructure (DPS) Fleet

The Procurement Partnership Limited (TPPL) has established a DPS for hydrogen generation and infrastructure.


Managed Remarketing of Vehicles & Plant Fleet

NEPO202 Managed Remarketing of Vehicles & Plant is a nationally-available solution that assists UK public sector organisations in selling used vehicles and plant at auction.


Management and Collection of W.E.E.E. and Batteries Fleet

This solution provides the management and collection of household waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and batteries.


Rock Salt Fleet

This solution provides the supply of rock salt in bulk and bagged forms for contracting authorities to meet their winter maintenance services responsibilities.


Tyres and Associated Services Fleet

NEPO201 Tyres & Associated Services provides a solution for tyre replacement and repair for UK public sector bodies.


Vehicle Contract Hire - Cars, LCVs, MCVs, Welfare Buses & Compact Sweepers Fleet

This covers contract hire of passenger cars, light (up to 7.0t GVW) and medium (up to 12.5t GVW) commercial vehicles, welfare buses (up to 17 seats) and sweepers (pedestrian, compact and chassis mounted up to 12.5t GVW).


Vehicle Parts and Lubricants Fleet

This solution provides public sector organisations a compliant route to market for the supply of vehicle parts and lubricants for a wide range of cars, light & medium commercials, heavy goods, specialist and grounds maintenance vehicles.


Vehicle Purchase - Cars, Light/Medium Commercial Vehicles, Compact Sweepers and Associated Products Fleet

The solution enables the purchase of cars, light and medium commercial, pedestrian and compact sweeper vehicles up to 12.5t GVW as well as associated vehicle conversions, telematic and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure equipment.


Vehicle Rental Fleet

This is a nationally available Vehicle Rental solution for the rental of vehicles, including passenger cars, accessible/non-accessible minibuses/coaches, light/medium commercials, heavy goods vehicles, and car clubs/pool car schemes.


Weather Forecasting Services Fleet

This solution provides contracting authorities with a full weather forecasting service.


Winter Bureau & Helpdesk Service with Upgrade and Maintenance of Outstation Equipment Fleet

A solution for the delivery of a winter bureau service with upgrade and maintenance of outstation equipment for use by NEPO Member Authorities and the wider public sector.



Joanne Leask
Procurement Manager


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