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New procurement colleagues announced

Left to Right, back row: Michelle Graham procurement coordinator for Facilities Management & Fleet category, Jake Pattison procurement coordinator for Corporate Services & ICT category, Ruth Long procurement coordinator for NEPRO3 framework. Left to Right, front row: Claire Darling-Cooper procurement coordinator for Construction category, Hannah Nelson procurement coordinator for Energy category
Left to right, back row: Michelle Graham, Jake Pattison, Ruth Long.
Left to Right, front row: Claire Darling-Cooper, Hannah Nelson.

NEPO is continuing to bolster its procurement team with new appointments, as a consequence of both growth and internal progression.

Five new procurement coordinators have joined following opportunities made available due to internal progression. Michelle Graham will support Facilities Management and Fleet solutions, Hannah Nelson will support Energy solutions, Claire Darling-Cooper will support Construction solutions, and Ruth Long joins the team managing NEPRO3, NEPO’s  specialist professional services solution.

Jake Pattison joins the newly created Corporate Services and ICT category, which offers public sector organisations innovative solutions to everything from payment cards and early payment services to ICT hardware and software.

Jake Pattison, said: “This is a really exciting time to join NEPO as it continues to set ambitious targets for the region.

“Working on the Corporate Services and ICT category is a fantastic opportunity for me to build on my knowledge of financial services and progress my career within procurement. As a relatively new category,  it was created following extensive market engagement to better understand the financial services industry, and formed an innovative partnership with the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation and the Eastern Shire Procurement Organisation.

“As well as improving its Payment Cards Services (NEPO505), it identified new digital technologies and innovations in the financial services industry and was the catalyst for forming a brand-new Corporate Services and ICT category.”

The NEPO 2025 strategy is focused on delivering a step change in public procurement across the North East. It is focused on four key strategic themes: providing leadership, pioneering commercial and procurement, harnessing technology and innovation. Fundamental to all the themes is maximising social value.

Public procurement will play a fundamental role in unlocking economic growth and driving social value outcomes, whilst assisting regional suppliers to achieve their ambitions.

Steven Sinclair, procurement and commercial director at NEPO, said: “The new procurement coordinator appointments will help identify and procure the best possible goods, works and services. They are the bedrock of NEPO, helping to ensure solutions are awarded in a timely and cost-effective manner. We’re excited to welcome them to the team and I look forward to working with them.”