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Top Tips for Transforming Public Procurement e-learning modules

Public Sector Procurement is changing, but do not fear – our Procurement Team is here with some top tips to help all procurement practitioners complete the government e-learning training.

One in every three pounds of public money, some £300billion a year, is spent on public procurement. The reforms proposed within the Procurement Act will shake up the outdated procurement system, so that every pound goes further for communities and public services.

Through the Procurement Act 2023, the government is transforming how public procurement is done in the UK. The changes will help to make better use of public resources to deliver better public services and grow the economy.

Expected to come into place on 28 October 2024, the government has designed useful guidance and training materials to help ensure procurement practitioners are fully prepared in implementing the new regime. One of these methods of training is a series of e-learning modules, specifically aimed at operational procurement staff which are made up of 10 x 1hour modules covering all aspects of the new reforms, such as key regulation changes, transparency and the competitive flexible procedure. 

NEPO's Procurement Team are currently busy working their way through the e-learning modules ahead of the reforms coming into place later this year, and have shared their top tips for completing all modules:

Tip #1: Schedule in 2-3 hours a week to focus on a single module

Ruth Long, NEPRO Procurement Specialist

Tip #2: Have a copy of the Procurement Act 2023 and current regulations to hand

Adam Gallagher, Energy Procurement Coordinator

Tip #3: Record notes as you go to help with your learning

Michelle Graham, Fleet and Facilities Management Procurement Coordinator

Tip #4: Progress can be saved at any time, in case something comes up

Nick McDonald, Corporate Services and ICT Procurement Specialist

Tip #5: If you fail any of the module quizzes, you can always retake them.

Steph Westgarth, Fleet and Facilities Management Procurement Coordinator

Tip #6: Once you've completed a module, the Deep Dive courses will be made available

Rhian Hepple, Food and Professional Services Procurement Coordinator

Tip #7: Make a list key topics to discuss with your wider team

Jake Pattison, Corporate Services and ICT Procurement Coordinator

We’ve pulled together useful information, training resources and knowledge drops to help you better prepare for the reforms coming into place in October 2024, all available in one handy space on our website.