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NEPO's Professional Services category provides members with a range of value for money, expertly procured solutions.

Professional Services Frameworks

Agency Staff Professional Services

The solution offers a compliant and efficient route to manage all temporary agency resourcing requirements. This is a sole supplier solution managed by a neutral vendor managed service, Magnit Global.


British Sign Language Professional Services

A nationally-available solution to provide UK public sector organisations with access to British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting services.


Early Payment Service Professional Services

NEPO521 Early Payment Service is available to UK public sector organisations. Oxygen Finance are the sole supplier to the solution.


Election & Electoral Registration Print Professional Services

The framework covers both election and electoral registration print requirements for North East local authorities.


Events Management & Infrastructure Professional Services

NEPO is developing a procurement solution to provide UK public sector organisations with support for their event management requirements.


Executive Recruitment Professional Services

NEPO525 Executive Recruitment provides access to specialist recruitment suppliers, capable of sourcing candidates across a broad range of specialisms.


Financial Innovation & Digital Payments (DPS) Professional Services

NEPO is working in partnership with ESPO and YPO to establish a DPS for the provision of financial innovation, digital payments and fund disbursement services.


General Banking Services Professional Services

NEPO is developing a multi-supplier solution for general banking services.


Insurance Brokerage & Associated Services Professional Services

NEPO in collaboration with YPO and ESPO have created a compliant and efficient route to procuring insurance cover.


Insurance Placement Dynamic Purchasing System Professional Services

NEPO in collaboration with YPO and ESPO have created a compliant and efficient route to procuring insurance cover


Legal Services Professional Services

A framework for the provision of external specialist legal advice


NEPRO³ (Specialist Professional Services) Professional Services

NEPRO³ offers UK public sector organisations a compliant and efficient route to appointing specialist professional services and consultancy.


Office Supplies Professional Services

A nationally-available solution that provides UK public sector organisations with access to office supplies and electronic office consumables.


Open (The complete technology solution for your e-Procurement) Professional Services

Open is the new fully integrated e-procurement solution, designed and developed by NEPO and powered by AWS.


Payment Card Services Professional Services

NEPO505 Payment Card Services is a multi-lot, multi-supplier framework agreement for prepaid and corporate payments.


Tech Enabled Care, Lone Working and Digital Solutions Professional Services

This framework agreement will cover products and services in relation to technology enabled care services and lone working solutions.


Training Professional Services

NEPO has established a Dynamic Purchasing System for External Training Provision


Translation and Interpreting Services Professional Services

A solution for a range of interpreting and translation services.


Travel Management Services Professional Services

NEPO507 covers the provision of a travel management service for the booking of rail and air travel as well as hotel accommodation and other requirements related to business travel.


Volume Cut Sized Copier Paper & Production/Specialist Paper Professional Services

This framework offers the wider public sector the opportunity to select paper stock from the most competitively priced supplier catalogues and purchase of higher volume or bespoke requirements through the mini competition process.



Carl Telford
Professional Services Lead


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