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Open (The complete technology solution for your e-Procurement)

STATUS - Active


Open is the new fully integrated e-procurement solution, designed and developed by NEPO and powered by AWS.

Open is a streamlined system that simplifies the carrying out of public sector procurement in a compliant way, delivering value to both buyers and suppliers.

Why use Open?

From pre-procurement activity through to contract management, data is the driver of Open, providing a single source of truth for buyers and asking for information from suppliers just once. Enriched by third-party sources, we will continually develop the solution to meet the needs of the users, remaining flexible and ensuring value for money.

The solution will provide greater insights, meaningful and reliable data, improved visibility and transparency, enhanced stakeholder engagement and unlock potential benefits across commissioning and procurement for all stakeholders.   


The new e-procurement platform for NEPO and the North East local authorities

Open ( will replace the NEPO Portal as the place to do business with NEPO and the twelve North East local authorities.

Supplier registration on Open launched from October 2022. 

NEPO will be the first public sector organisation to use Open to run a competitive opportunity. Following a phased implementation in 2023, all North East local authorities will be using Open to buy goods, works and services.

We have developed a dedicated Open Hub for suppliers to easily access various training materials and resources. Visit the Open Hub to learn more. 

For any general enquiries, please contact us at


AVAILABLE FOR USE BY All Associate Members/Member Authorities


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