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As a member of the National Association of Construction Frameworks and the LGA Construction Category Board, NEPO drives best practice within the construction market, delivering value for money solutions.

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Construction Frameworks

Aggregates, Concrete & Mortar Construction

A solution for aggregates, concrete and mortar, available for use by public sector organisations.


Building Construction Works Construction

NEPO’s Building Construction Works solution has drawn on expertise from public sector partners and contractors, to deliver an OJEU-compliant, value-for-money route to deliver construction works and design services.


Building Materials (DPS) Construction

The solution is a multi-provider dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the provision of building materials. The solution has been let with The Procurement Partnership Ltd (TPPL) acting as partner to NEPO.


Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework Construction

NEPO211 Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Works provides UK public sector bodies with a compliant route to market for civil engineering and infrastructure works.


Construction and Engineering Consultancy Construction

This solution provides a wide range of construction and engineering consultancy services both from large multi-disciplinary consultancies and small single disciplines.


Demolition Services including Asbestos Management Construction

This solution covers demolition works and associated services, including specialist demolitions, asbestos analytical services and asbestos removal works.


Highway Technical Surveys Construction

NEPO209 Highways Technical Surveys gives North East public sector organisations access to highway technical services.


Highways & Civil Materials Construction

This solution covers the provision highways and civil materials.


Highways Surfacing Construction

The solution will be used to implement contracting authorities annual planned structural maintenance programmes of work, where carriageways and footways are resurfaced or reconstructed.


Road Traffic Management Construction

This solution covers the requirements of contracting authorities for suitably qualified and experienced suppliers for the provision of Traffic Management.


Street Lighting Assistance and Independent Connection Provision Construction

This solution is for the provision of street lighting and illuminated street furniture installation works, highway electrical connections on DNO/ IDNO networks and highway electrical connections on privately owned networks.


Street Lighting Columns Construction

A framework for the supply and delivery of street lighting columns.



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Construction Resources

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Category Brochure: Construction

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