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As a member of the National Association of Construction Frameworks and the LGA Construction Category Board, NEPO drives best practice within the construction market, delivering value for money solutions to our members.

Construction Frameworks

Aggregates & Concrete Construction

A solution for both wet and dry aggregates, available for use by North East Member Authorities.


Building and Civil Engineering Materials Construction

A framework for the supply and delivery of building and civil engineering materials.


Building Construction Works Construction

NEPO’s Building Construction Works solution has drawn on expertise from public sector partners and contractors, to deliver an OJEU-compliant, value-for-money route to deliver construction works and design services.


Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework Construction

A framework to conduct further competitions or make direct awards of civil engineering and infrastructure contracts.


Concrete & Mortar Construction

Solution for the delivery of concrete and mortar into NEPO Member Authorities


Construction and Engineering Consultancy Construction

This solution provides a wide range of construction and engineering consultancy services both from large multi-disciplinary consultancies and small single disciplines.


Demolition Services including Asbestos Management Construction

This solution covers demolition works and associated services, including specialist demolitions, asbestos analytical services and asbestos removal works.


Highway Technical Surveys Construction

A framework for the provision of highway network surveys


Highways Surfacing Construction

This solution has been introduced to implement annual planned structural maintenance programmes of work, where carriageways and footways are resurfaced or reconstructed.


Kerb and Flags Construction

A framework for the supply and delivery of kerbs and flags.


Road Traffic Management Construction

This solution covers the requirements of contracting authorities for suitably qualified and experienced suppliers for the provision of Traffic Management.


Street Lighting Assistance and Independent Connection Provision Construction

This solution is for the provision of street lighting and illuminated street furniture installation works, highway electrical connections on DNO/ IDNO networks and highway electrical connections on privately owned networks.


Street Lighting Columns Construction

A framework for the supply of street lighting columns.



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Category Specialist


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Construction News & Events

6th August 2019

Tender Opportunity: Highways Technical Surveys

Sunderland City Council, working on behalf of NEPO, has issued an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for NEPO209 Highways Technical Surveys.

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31st July 2019

Tender Opportunity: Highways Surfacing

Darlington Borough Council, working on behalf of NEPO, has issued an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for NEPO210 Highways Surfacing. Closing date noon 27 August 2019.

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14th May 2019

Highways Surfacing and Road Markings: Soft Market Testing Exercise

Darlington Borough Council has published a survey (or Soft Market Testing Exercise - SMTE) to take views from contractors involved in highways surfacing and road markings.

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7th February 2019

North Tyneside Council DPS for Housing and Operational, Schools and Commercial Buildings.

North Tyneside Council has invited relevant suppliers to apply to join the DPS for Housing and Operational, Schools and Commercial Buildings.

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5th February 2019

Supplier Questionnaire: Highways Technical Surveys

We are seeking supplier' input to help develop the provision of Highways Technical Surveys. Questionnaire closes 15 March 2019.

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20th November 2018

NEPO contractors scoop CECA awards

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) awards celebrate the wealth of talent within the North East construction and engineering sector

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12th July 2018

​Opportunities for construction and building services in North Tyneside

North Tyneside Council is holding events for suppliers to find out how to become part of the housing, repairs and maintenance supply chain.

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25th April 2018

​NEPO Launches £300 million Building Construction Works Framework

NEPO has awarded twenty construction companies a place on its regional framework agreement for building construction works.

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12th December 2017

LGA National Construction Conference

The Local Government Association's (LGA) fifth national construction conference takes place on 1 February 2018 in London.

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4th October 2017

NEPO appoints 46 suppliers to deliver regional Construction & Engineering Consultancy

NEPO has awarded a solution providing the North East public sector with a compliant, value-for-money route to appoint consultancy services for construction and engineering projects.

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2nd October 2017

​Construction Update

There has been a great deal of progress in NEPO’s Construction category with key developments in two flagship solutions.

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7th September 2017

NEPO starts procurement of regional Building Construction Works solution

NEPO has launched the procurement process for a new regional solution for Building Construction Works.

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2nd August 2017

Market Engagement Event: Building Construction Works (15 Aug)

NEPO is holding a market engagement event to consult with construction contractors regarding the forthcoming Building Construction Works solution

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25th July 2017

Job Vacancy: Regional Procurement Officer

NEPO is seeking a Regional Procurement Officer (closing date 28 July 2017)

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28th March 2017

PCC for Cleveland use NEPO’s Construction Works for £17M Community Project

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Cleveland has used NEPO’s Building Construction Works solution to appoint a build partner for the new Community Safety Hub in Hemlington, Middlesbrough.

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19th January 2017

NEPO Survey on Building Construction Works

NEPO has published a survey to collect views from the Construction sector on the forthcoming tender process for a Building Construction Works framework.

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7th April 2016

£900 million North East Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Works Framework Awarded

The North East Procurement Organisation has entered into a four year framework agreement with twenty three successful contractors which signals their intent to move to a new more collaborative approach to civil engineering & infrastructure works across the North East region.

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31st March 2016

£96M North East Highway Surfacing Framework Awarded

The North East Procurement Organisation in partnership with the North East Highways Alliance has entered into a four year framework agreement with thirteen successful contractors which signals a new more collaborative approach to highways construction.

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Construction Resources

Presentation: Construction Works Framework Renewal 2017

The slides from the market consultation event held 6 March 2017 in preparation for the renewal of the Construction Works Framework.

20190524 NEPO Highways Consultation Notes

Notes from the market consultation session held 24 May 2019 regarding Highways Surfacing.