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Highways Surfacing

STATUS - Active


NEPO210 Highways Surfacing will be used to implement contracting authorities' annual planned structural maintenance programmes of work, where carriageways and footways are resurfaced or reconstructed. 
Programmes of work may apply to the principal, non-principal and unclassified road networks in addition to work which may be away from the highway.

Surfacing Works may include but are not limited to:

  • thin surfaces
  • anti-skid surfacing
  • minor improvement schemes
  • response to major emergencies
  • support to the winter maintenance function during snow events

Reactive works to the fabric of the highway may include but are not limited to:

  • pothole repairs
  • patching
  • minor reinstatements
  • provision of footway vehicle crossovers


  • Lot 1: Asphaltic Concrete
  • Lot 2: Grouted Macadam
  • Lot 3: Surface Dressing
  • Lot 4: Glass Fibre reinforced Surface Dressing
  • Lot 5: Hot Applied High Friction Surfacing
  • Lot 6: Cold Applied High Friction Surfacing
  • Lot 7: Coloured Surfacing
  • Lot 8: Slurry Seal of Footways
  • Lot 9: Slurry Seal/ Micro Asphalt of Carriageways
  • Lot 10: Carriageway in Full Depth Recycling
  • Lot 11: Carriage Re-Tread
  • Lot 12: Brush Hammer Mechanical Retexturing
  • Lot 13: Captive Short Blasting – Mechanical Retexturing
  • Lot 14: Hydro Blasting – Surface Retexturing
  • Lot 15: Patching
  • Lot 16: Spray Injection Patching
  • Lot 17: Road Markings


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