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NEPO offer support to closed schools in the North East

NEPO are available to support the establishments unfortunately affected by potentially dangerous concrete (RAAC) to offer our services in any way possible.

We understand that each establishment has a unique set of needs, and our team are on hand to help you through every step of the process. NEPO are committed to working with establishments to discuss support that you might need, and provide you with advice and guidance to undertake a compliant procurement process. Should you feel you require support, please feel free to contact Jane Turner Construction Lead for assistance:

NEPO are a well-established public buying organisation, in which our solutions are devised by public sector bodies having a complimentary portfolio of fully compliant solutions available that you may be interested in when the time is right. We have listed them below, with a brief explanation of what they offer.

NEPO207 Construction Works National

This solution offers construction works for any value. There is a wide range of contractors from small local companies to larger nationals.

NEPO212 Support Services for the Development of Built Environment North East

Through this framework, you can access consultants to provide surveys, project management, cost consultancy, designers and architects among others.

NEPO221 Demolition and Asbestos Surveying North East

This solution includes a range of suppliers who provide both specialist and standard demolition services to all sizes of organisations.

NEPO222 Aggregates & Concrete North East

This framework offers the direct provision of aggregates and concrete to any site within the North East. There are delivery and collection options available.

NEPO219 Building Materials National

This framework includes a modular build lot, which includes suppliers who can provide modular building to your sites for an agreed time to enable you to continue to deliver services.

We have approached our supplier base to ask them to provide us with their capability to assist you and we are formulating this information to be able to react quickly to your needs and direct you to suppliers who can help you via our NEPO frameworks.