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NEPO is one of the largest energy buyers and providers of energy solutions to the public sector.  NEPO has a dedicated Energy Team with a wealth of experience in providing energy related solutions.  The flagship Electricity and Gas frameworks allow NEPO to use their considerable experience to purchase electricity and gas, via innovative fully flexible agreements, from the wholesale commodity market on behalf of Members and Associates.

The NEPO Energy Category has a suite of energy solutions that are accessible by all UK Contracting Authorities.  Each can be used independently or, when implemented together, provides a one stop shop for provision of utilities and other ancillary energy services. All NEPO solutions have been procured in a Public Contract Regulation (PCR) compliant manner and each is currently delivering a variety of benefits to a broad range of public sector organisations.  

The framework agreements are set up to be flexible which allows the bespoke requirements of a diverse range of customers to be met. They provide direct and immediate access to a comprehensive and professional service with each consistently demonstrating value for money and delivering significant financial savings.

NEPO was the first public sector organisation to purchase both electricity and gas using a fully flexible agreement.  Innovation continues to be at the core of NEPO’s approach to energy, this ensures our solutions evolve and deliver continuous improvement for our customers.

The Energy Team at NEPO are available to provide advice and guidance on energy-related matters which, in addition to information regarding the solutions, includes support with changing energy policy and energy management considerations.  The expert knowledge of the Energy Team is used to translate often complex industry related matters into clear, concise information that can be easily understood and acted upon.

Energy Frameworks

Electricity Energy

The NEPO Electricity Framework provides users with access to an electricity supply contract and associated services to non-domestic sites. This includes sites that are settled on the Half Hourly, non-Half Hourly and Unmetered Supply market.


Energy Performance of Buildings Inspections Energy

This framework offers a range of inspections to allow organisations to comply with their obligations under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.


Gas Energy

The NEPO Gas Framework provides users access to a gas supply contract and associated services.


Liquid Fuels Energy

The supply of diesel, gasoil, kerosene and petrol to be delivered to specific locations in the North East.


Meter Operator (MOP) Services Energy

This solution provides access to a meter operator required to provide, install, register and maintain Half Hourly (HH) electricity meters.


Water Retail Services Energy

The solution provides water, wastewater and ancillary services. There are three lots covered: Lot 1 Water Supply and Sewerage Services Lot 2 Ancillary Services Lot 3 One Stop Shop



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Category Specialist


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Energy News & Events

24th February 2020

Tender Opportunity: Supply of Liquid Fuels

NEPO has commenced the procurement process for a new solution covering the supply of diesel, gasoil, kerosene, petrol and adblue.

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14th November 2019

​Tender Opportunity: Water Retail Services

NEPO has commenced the procurement process for a new solution covering the provision of water retail services and associated ancillary services.

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24th September 2019

NEPO appoints Corona Energy as the sole supplier of its new Gas Supply solution

NEPO has appointed Corona Energy as the sole supplier of its new Gas Supply solution.

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9th July 2019

​NEPO appoints Corona Energy to supply multi-millon pound gas supply contract

NEPO has appointed Corona Energy as the sole supplier of its new Gas Framework Agreement.

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1st May 2019

NEPO Highly Commended at the National GO Awards

NEPO has been Highly Commended in the “Procurement Project of the Year (above £20M) – Local Government and Consortia” category at the National GO Awards held on 30 April 2019.

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19th July 2018

​NEPO appoint EDF Energy to supply £230M Electricity Contract

NEPO has appointed EDF Energy as the sole supplier of its new Electricity Framework Agreement. The contract will commence from 1 April 2019.

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2nd January 2018

NEPO Energy

NEPO has a range of Energy solutions available to Associate Members.

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23rd May 2017

NEPO Shortlisted for TELCA Energy Award

NEPO is delighted to have been shortlisted for the TELCA (The Energy Live Consultancy Awards) award for Consultancy of the Year 2017.

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17th May 2017

NEPO supplier named as one of UK's most inspiring companies

Oil NRG, a supplier to NEPO’s Liquid Fuels solution, has been included in a high-profile list from the London Stock Exchange.

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9th March 2017

NEPO awards a solution for provision of Meter Operator Services

NEPO has awarded a solution for the provision of Meter Operator Services.

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7th September 2016

NEPO Awards Liquid Fuels Solution

The North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) has implemented a new solution for North East local authorities to purchase their liquid fuel requirements.

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10th August 2016

NEPO's Electricity Framework

On 21st April 2016 NEPO extended the current Electricity Framework with npower for a further two years effective from 1st April 2017.

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Energy Resources

Case Study - NEPO Solution for the Provision of Liquid Fuels

Read about how NEPO procured a regional solution for the supply of Liquid Fuels (such as petrol, diesel, gas oil and kerosene) with estimated savings of £250K over 4 years.

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