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NEPO is one of the largest energy buyers and providers of energy solutions to the public sector.  NEPO has a dedicated Energy Team with a wealth of experience in providing energy related solutions.  The flagship Electricity and Gas frameworks allow NEPO to use their considerable experience to purchase energy, via innovative fully flexible agreements, from the wholesale commodity market.

The NEPO Energy Category has a suite of energy solutions that are accessible by all UK contracting authorities.  Each can be used independently or, when implemented together, provides a one-stop shop for provision of utilities and other ancillary energy services. All NEPO solutions have been procured in a Public Contract Regulation (PCR) compliant manner.  

The framework agreements are flexible to meet the diverse needs of the public sector. NEPO was the first public sector organisation to purchase both electricity and gas using a fully flexible agreement.  Innovation continues to be at the core of NEPO’s approach, this ensures our solutions evolve and deliver continuous improvement for our customers.

The Energy Team at NEPO are available to provide advice and guidance, including support with changing energy legislation and energy management considerations.  

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Energy Frameworks

Electricity Energy

The NEPO Electricity Framework provides users with access to an electricity supply contract and associated services to non-domestic sites. This includes sites that are settled on the Half Hourly, non-Half Hourly and Unmetered Supply market.


Energy Performance of Buildings Inspections Energy

This nationally-available solution allows UK public sector organisations to undertake energy performance inspections for buildings.


Gas Energy

The NEPO Gas Framework provides users access to a gas supply contract and associated services.


Liquid Fuels Energy

NEPO307 Liquid Fuels covers the provision of diesel, gasoil, kerosene, petrol and Adblue.


Meter Operator (MOP) Services Energy

This solution provides access to a meter operator required to provide, install, register and maintain Half Hourly (HH) electricity meters.


Water Retail Services Energy

NEPO311 Water Retail Services covers the provision of water, wastewater and ancillary services in accordance with the Water Act 2014.



Marie Forster
Energy Lead


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