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As well as procuring value for money solutions, our Food category has incorporated Social Value benefits, such as supporting food education programmes within local schools.

Food Frameworks

Food and General Provisions Food

This solution covers the requirements of contracting authorities for the supply and distribution of food and general provisions into schools and other public-sector catering establishments.


Milk and Dairy Products Food

The solution covers the provision and distribution of nursery milk, kitchen milk and associated dairy products into schools and other end user establishments.



Keith Lamb
Category Specialist


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Food News & Events

30th October 2019

​NEPO announce new iteration of NEPO407 Food and General Provisions

NEPO407 Food & General Provisions will commence 1 January 2020.

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4th October 2018

NEPO works to reduce Single Use Plastics

NEPO recently hosted a regional meeting with suppliers and Member Authorities to discuss opportunities to reduce single use plastics within its Food category and beyond.

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15th August 2018

NEPO food suppliers aim to cut plastic usage

NEPO is working with its food suppliers and other regional stakeholders to explore opportunities to work together to reduce plastic usage.

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17th July 2018

NEPO supplier educates local children about the origins of food

NEPO’s Milk & Dairy Products supplier, Embleton Hall Dairies, has shown its commitment to delivering social value outcomes, by holding a series of activity days designed to improve local children’s awareness of food production.

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26th October 2017

North East SME wins place on £4.8m Milk contract

Paul Thompson, Director of Embleton Hall Dairies describes what this means for his business and offers advice to prospective suppliers to the public sector.

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Food Resources

Case study - NE SME wins place on £4.8m solution

In 2017 Embleton Hall Dairies were awarded as first ranked supplier on NEPO’s solution for Milk & Dairy Products.