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2nd November 2021

New solution: NEPO307 Liquid Fuels

NEPO has launched a new solution that covers the provision of diesel, gasoil, kerosene, petrol and Adblue. The solution commenced on 1 November 2021 and is available for use by any public sector body in the UK.

Solution overview

NEPO307 Liquid Fuels covers the supply of the following fuels to public sector sites:

  • Diesel
  • Gas Oil
  • Petrol
  • Kerosene
  • AdBlue

A range of ancillary services can also be accessed through the framework agreement, such as access to alternative fuel sources (hydrotreated vegetable oil, marine oil and biofuels), fuel cards, tank management systems, tank polishing and tank installation services. 

About Oil NRG

NEPO307 Liquid Fuels features a sole supplier, Oil NRG.

Oil NRG is a fuel supply and distribution business, based in Hartlepool and with depots across the UK.  Since the company’s incorporation in 2007, Oil NRG has grown significantly with the capacity to distribute domestic, commercial, agricultural and marine fuels.  As part of this growth, the business has undertaken continued investment in market-leading customer service, communications, vehicles, fleet technology and personnel.

The benefits

  • NEPO307 Liquid Fuels provides access to competitive transportation and supplier margin costs.
  • Dedicated account management: NEPO and Oil NRG work together to provide a professional, comprehensive and hassle-free service to customers.
  • NEPO’s robust contract management ensures that expectations are met and exceeded.
  • A robust and compliant procurement process offers customers confidence that Oil NRG’s technical and professional ability has been fully explored and assessed by NEPO.
  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions offer assurance to all parties.

Get in touch to request further information about NEPO307 Liquid Fuels.