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13th March 2019

Using the Contracts Register to identify business opportunities

Did you know that the NEPO Portal features a Contracts Register containing useful information to help you grow your business?

The Contracts Register is a comprehensive list of contracts awarded by NEPO and its Member Authorities (the twelve North East local authorities). This online tool can be used to help you understand buying patterns in the public sector and includes the following information:
  • Solutions that have been procured by NEPO and its Member Authorities
  • The suppliers delivering the solutions
  • The approximate contract value
  • The name of the lead procurement officer
  • The solution’s expiry date

You can filter the database to find out the above information for other e-tendering systems throughout the UK. The Contracts Register can be exported to a spreadsheet format to allow you to search and interrogate it more easily.

Click here to view the Contracts Register.

Watch our video guide to using the Contracts Register.