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1st January 2018

Updates to the NEPO Portal (January 2018)

The NEPO Portal is the eTendering system used by NEPO and its Member Authorities. Suppliers can register free-of-charge on the NEPO Portal in order to receive notifications of tendering opportunities.

The NEPO Portal functionality is frequently reviewed, with new version releases every quarter. In 2017 the following upgrades were made to make the system more user-friendly:
  • Initial Registration – the registration process has been streamlined from six pages to two pages, and focusses on gathering initial key information to first establish whether an account already exists. On-screen instructions have been added to support the registration process. The second part of the process gathers further mandatory information such as categories of interest and the region that suppliers are able to supply into, which helps to ensure that notifications are relevant.
  • Expressing Interest in Opportunities - once interest has been expressed, you will be given the option for immediate access, rather than waiting for any confirmation notification. The on-screen prompt provides additional guidance on the next process steps and gives contact points for further information.
  • Supplier Submission Audit Log - Buyers are now able to access a log showing an audit of supplier responses and attempted responses, with file upload information. This provides the buying organisation with a clear audit trail of action taken to submit a response.
  • Dynamic Purchasing Activity - this has been improved to show the latest open round only (or any rounds where the supplier may have submitted a response) and continues that theme by clearly displaying the current round number on-screen. Round closure emails are now only sent to suppliers who are not already part of the Dynamic Purchasing System to help avoid confusion.
  • Supplier Activity Dashboard - the online display has been updated to ensure the response deadline is clear and gives guidance on leaving plenty of time for submission.
NEPO will continue to keep stakeholders informed of the latest NEPO Portal developments. In the meantime if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the NEPO Portal, please contact