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2nd December 2019

Tender Opportunity: Workwear and PPE

South Tyneside Council, working on behalf of NEPO, has issued an invitation to tender (ITT) for NEPO419 Workwear, Personal Protection Equipment including Safety Footwear and Specialist Protection Wear.

The solution aims to support NEPO Member Authorities and Associate Members with the supply and delivery of workwear and personal protective equipment including safety footwear and specialist protection wear across all areas.

The solution has been structured under the following lots;
  • Technical Specification for Work Wear
  • Technical Specification for Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Footwear
  • Technical Specification for Uniform Clothing

The solution is expected to commence from April 2020 and will be available for use by public sector organisations across the UK.

The deadline for submissions is noon 6th January 2020.

Visit the NEPO Portal to access tender documents (a NEPO Portal account is required, registration is free of charge).