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1st January 2018

Social Value in 2018

Social value is the term used to describe the additional value created in the delivery of a service contract which has a wider community benefit, for example apprenticeship opportunities, job creation, and community engagement.

NEPO is committed to accelerating economic growth, prosperity and delivering social value in the North East as part of all collaborative procurement activity.

In 2018 NEPO will assess the impact of its Social Value Toolkit, which supports NEPO and its Member Authorities in embedding social value in procurement activity. In addition, NEPO will pilot use of the National TOMs Framework across a number of procurement projects. We will share learning from this activity by developing case studies which will feature on the NEPO website and in future newsletters.

The National TOMs (Themes, Outcomes and Measures) Framework was launched at the National Social Value Conference in November 2017. The National TOMs Framework was developed by the National Social Value Taskforce which comprises representatives from a wide range of public sector organisations. The aim of the National TOMs Framework is to provide a minimum reporting standard for measuring social value. For those organisations (private and public) just starting out on their journey to embed social value into their procurement and management processes, it provides an easy to use solution that is immediately available, and may be applied to any project. For those organisations that are already well advanced, the hope is that they will integrate these standards into their measurement approach as a minimum, and add any measures that they presently do not have in their own toolkit.

NEPO works closely with the National Social Value Taskforce, which is chaired by Darren Knowd, Chief Procurement Officer at Durham Council. During 2018 we will continue to participate in the Taskforce and help to share good practice across the public sector.

Click here to read more about the National TOMs Framework and the National Social Value Taskforce.

CALLING NEPO SUPPLIERS: We are always looking for examples of our suppliers delivering social value as part of their work with NEPO. If your organisation is creating positive social, economic or environmental benefits, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Jenny Robins, Communications Officer (