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31st July 2017

NEPO's Approach to Social Value

Social Value is defined as “the additional value created in the delivery of a service contract which has a wider community or public benefit – this extends beyond the social value delivered as part of the primary contract activity.”

The Social Value agenda continues to evolve. Construction procurements traditionally included social value but it is now being applied across the board on all NEPO procurements and many local authority procurements. Each local authority is responsible for developing and delivering social value through procurements according to local conditions and there are different approaches taken between local authorities.

NEPO has developed a Social Value Toolkit to assist procurement officers, and a Social Value Delivery Group made up of procurement officers from across the region is now moving into a new phase. Darren Knowd, Durham County Council’s Chief Procurement Officer is leading a national group on behalf of the Local Government Association and will also lead the regional group.

It is anticipated that there will be a renewed focus on working with incumbent suppliers on social value delivery through a standardised contract management process. National social value indicators are in development and these will be considered for adoption in the region by NEPO and its Member Authorities. We will continue to keep suppliers informed on developments in this area.

Share your experience: NEPO would be interested to hear from suppliers about examples of social value being undertaken as part of NEPO contract delivery, either by contracted suppliers or in the supply chain. This will help us to celebrate and promote all the good work being delivered in the region through case studies and news articles. Please get in touch with in the first instance.