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19th November 2013

Promote Your Sub-Contracting Opportunities through the NEPO Portal

Are you delivering a government-funded project but you’re not a public sector organisation?  Are you a Tier 1 supplier for a local authority contract in need of sub contractors? Do you need to engage with a local supply base? The NEPO Portal Sub Contracting module could be the answer.  

Providing you are not simply advertising your own goods or services, you can advertise your supply chain opportunities easily and at no cost to your business.   Using the NEPO Portal Sub-Contracting module is simple:  

  1. Log in to the NEPO Portal and upload details of your opportunity to the NEPO Portal Sub-Contracting module, including:
    1. A description of the type of work or service required
    2. The location of the work (if relevant)
  2. Once approved by our Portal team, your opportunity will be emailed to those registered suppliers matching your criteria (Over 20,000 suppliers are registered on the NEPO Portal).
  3. Interested suppliers can then reply with their contact details, enabling you to make further contact and appoint sub-contractors.
You can view current sub-contracting opportunities at

If you need any technical support in adding your sub-contracting opportunity, please call the NEPO Portal Helpdesk on 0191 433 5949 or access our online guidance.