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2nd December 2021

New solution: NEPO504 Election & Electoral Registration Print

NEPO has launched a new solution that covers the provision of election and electoral registration print services.

Solution overview

NEPO504 Election & Electoral Registration Print offers North East local authorities an effective route to market for the provision of their election and electoral registration printing requirements.

The solution commenced on 1 December 2021 and consists of a single unranked, multi-supplier lot. The awarded suppliers are as follows:

The benefits

  • Full range of election and electoral campaign related products, prescribed in line with recent legislation changes and additional flexibility in terms of postal voter ballot packs formats
  • Competitive rates achieved with regional average savings of 5.59% for election campaign related products and 0.88% for electoral related products
  • Compliant route to market avoiding the need to undertake a full tender process.

Get in touch to request further information about NEPO504.