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2nd March 2020

NEPO publishes Social Value Policy 2020-2023

NEPO and the twelve North East local authorities have published a new policy detailing a collaborative approach to maximising the value of every pound spent.

The Social Value Policy 2020 − 2023, outlines how NEPO and its members will ensure that regional procurement activity goes beyond securing best value, and delivers environmental, social and economic benefits to local communities.

The policy identifies a number of areas where public sector procurement can deliver social value benefits, such as:

  • Encouraging use of local supply chains
  • Promoting opportunities for SMEs and VCSEs
  • Targeting effort within the region's most deprived areas
  • Tackling unemployment and skills shortages through training and apprenticeships
  • Recognising the environmental impact of business process

Nicola Shelley, Managing Director at NEPO, said:

“NEPO and its members work in collaboration to ensure that every pound spent through regional procurement solutions, has a positive impact on the wellbeing of our communities.

“We have proactively exceeded the requirements of the Social Value Act, applying social value to all procurements undertaken by NEPO. This approach has received national recognition, with NEPO receiving a 2020 National Social Value Award for the procurement of its specialist professional services solution, NEPRO³. NEPO’s Social Value Policy reaffirms our commitment to build on these strengths and maximise the positive impact of collaborative procurement.”

Click here to download the Social Value Policy 2020-2023.