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1st June 2021

NEPO Electricity framework supports UK net zero ambitions

NEPO has developed a nationally-available electricity framework agreement that supports the government’s net zero ambitions by providing access to low-carbon energy. The key challenges faced during the procurement process were to assist with the reduction and control of electricity consumption and costs. In order to address this NEPO built demand side services into the contract, helping users achieve their energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets.

The challenge

The UK Government has set out its ambitions to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. The decarbonisation of the UK’s energy supply is amongst the actions needed to achieve this, however is anticipated to be more challenging due to electricity costs rising for the past decade and forecast to rise further.

The solution

During the procurement exercise for the electricity framework agreement, NEPO identified the importance of decarbonising the energy system without putting a strain on customers’ invoices. This was reflected in the tender by including in the specification the provision of zero carbon electricity as well as demand side response services. The tender process resulted in the appointment of EDF Energy as the sole supplier. Included in EDF Energy’s bid were a number of social, ethical and environmental aspects; such as:

  • Maximum import capacity analysis
  • Energy audits
  • Time of Day tariffs
  • Export contracts
  • Energy efficiency initiatives
  • Access to a wider set of renewal generation technologies through EDF’s sister companies (EDF Renewables) such as solar PV, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and battery storage

The impact

The strong partnership built with EDF Energy has resulted in:

  • NEPO’s members using electricity that is 100% zero carbon with no cost to the customers.

  • Estimated annual savings of approximately 76,800 tonnes of CO emissions (based on the UK average Fuel Mix of 198g CO₂/kWh between April 2019 and March 2020). That’s the equivalent to 384 Angel of the North statues!

  • 100% of the electricity supplied is renewable as verified by The Carbon Trust and backed by REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees Origin) certificates.

Get in touch with the Energy team to find out more about NEPO301 Electricity.