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23rd July 2018

NEPO can meet your Construction Consultancy requirements

NEPO can support public sector organisations in appointing consultancy services for their construction projects.

For North East organisations:
NEPO's Construction & Engineering Consultancy solution offers full and extensive coverage for all construction and engineering consultancy requirements. The solution has been designed to meet the technical needs of all NEPO Member and Associate Member Authorities within the North East region.

NEPO's Construction & Engineering Consultancy solution offers you the option to direct award or run a mini-competition to access the 46 suppliers available across the 16 lots. Each supplier has been pre-vetted for their professional technical capacity and capability . The terms and conditions have been designed to allow for flexibility to suit all needs and the option to utilise the solution in conjunction with model form contracts, such as NEC or JCT, is also available.

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For National Usage:
NEPO created NEPRO to cover the full spectrum of Specialist Professional Services across 19 categories and 240 sub-categories. Bloom was appointed by NEPO to operate NEPRO as a vendor neutral managed service. Bloom offer a supply chain capable of delivering all consultancy requirements within the scope of services available. There are approximately 4,500 suppliers currently within the Bloom community with this number growing by the day. Suppliers can be selected via direct award or Bloom can run a mini-competition on your behalf, based on your criteria and objectives.

NEPRO also serves as an alternative route to market for construction and/or engineering consultancy projects. Bloom has a wealth of experience and expertise which can be shared with you to maximise the outcomes of your project.

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NEPO Members and Associate Members wishing to access either the Construction & Engineering Consultancy Solution or NEPRO for Construction and/or Engineering-related consultancy should contact NEPO in the first instance to discuss which solution best meets their needs.