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18th July 2019

NEPO Business Club: Successful Tendering (23 July)

New processes incorporate a standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) as a single, open procedure replacing the pre-qualification questionnaire and providing much greater access for SMEs. This core session is a "must do" for all businesses currently bidding or now considering the public sector as a market. It takes potential bidders step-by-step through the new open process, including the Questionnaire and uses previous tenders and generic tender questions.

Join us at this free NEPO Business Club event (Tuesday 23 July in South Shields) to find out how to compete effectively and find the right way forward for your business.

This hands-on practical session will provide attendees with:
  • An understanding of the right approach.
  • A step-by-step walk through of a typical questionnaire
  • Focus on key questions and how to prepare for success.

The event will be led by Garry Stone, Director of B2B North. Garry has helped businesses of all types and size secure their share of millions of pounds of contracts and tenders across the region and understands the challenges and issues from a real-life, practical perspective.

Who should attend? This event will benefit organisations of all sizes that are starting to look at the public sector as a market, as well as more experienced organisations interested in taking a fresh look at their strategy for competing for public sector work.

How to Register: Click here to book your free place. (Please note that due to capacity restrictions attendees are limited to a maximum of 2 per organisation).

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