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25th January 2017

NEPO Awards Solution for Catering Disposables

The North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) has awarded a solution for the supply of catering disposables.

The solution has been awarded as a multi-supplier ranked framework with Alliance National as the primary supplier and GM Packaging as the contingency supplier. The solution covers a wide range of catering disposables such as food containers, cups, bags and baking accessories.

In addition to financial savings of around 34% for NEPO Member Authorities, the solution will have a positive impact in terms of social value considerations, with the provision of an extensive range of recycled or recyclable products, as well as commitment by Alliance National to work with SMEs and start-ups to further develop the supply chain.

The Catering Disposables solution is available for use by NEPO Member Authorities and the wider public sector who will benefit from access to an electronic catalogue, options for personalised/branded products, free delivery and no minimum order value.

The solution will commence on 1 February 2017 and will be in place for two years, with an option to renew for a further two years.

For further information please contact Laura Kyle, Regional Procurement Officer at NEPO (Email., Tel. 0797 677 5011).