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9th March 2017

NEPO awards a solution for provision of Meter Operator Services

NEPO has awarded a solution for the provision of Meter Operator Services. The energy industry mandates that a Meter Operator must be appointed to install and maintain electricity meters that are settled on the Half Hourly market. A Meter Operator ensures that electricity meters are fully functional and are transmitting accurate consumption data on a half hourly basis.

The solution, which is available for use by all UK Contracting Authorities, will save NEPO Member Authorities and a number of NEPO Associate Members 26% against their previous Meter Operator costs. In addition, the solution is compliant with the recent P272 Balancing and Settlement Code change. One of the implications of P272 is that a Meter Operator service is now also required on some electricity meters that were not subject to this regulatory requirement previously, thus increasing the volume of meters that require a Meter Operator Service.

The new solution has two lots, Lot 1 is for Code of Practice (COP)2, COP3 and COP5 meters. Lot 2 is for COP10 meters. Both lots have been awarded to Western Power Distribution (WPD). The solution will commence from 1 April 2017.

For further information regarding this solution, including how to access it, please contact Aaron Rush, Regional Procurement Officer at NEPO (Email: Tel: 07976 775178)

You can read more about the solution at​