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29th April 2021

Market Consultation: Renewal of NEPO417 Janitorial & Facilities Supplies

NEPO is inviting potential suppliers to participate in market consultation activity, to help shape the renewal of NEPO417 Janitorial & Facilities Supplies for use by the UK public sector.

The solution will be available for use by North East public sector organisations, but has the potential to explore the benefits of creating a national Lot for the wider public sector to access.

The solution when initially tendered was split into the following Geographical Lot(s):

  • Geographical Lot 1 – NEPO Region North
  • Geographical Lot 2 – NEPO Region South
  • Geographical Lot 3 – NEPO Regional Lot

The scope of requirements covered in each of the Geographical Lot tendered included the following range of products:

  • Section 1 – Cleaning Chemicals (Domestic/Industrial)
  • Section 2 – Janitorial Products
  • Section 3 – Washroom Supplies
  • Section 4 – Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

The current Framework Agreement was awarded to a Sole Provider and via Geographical Lot 3 – Regional Lot.

The market consultation activity includes the following:

  • Issue of Prior Information Notice via Find a Tender Service website address: . The PIN was issued on 28 April 2021 for the renewal of NEPO417 Janitorial and Facilities Supplies – Ref No: 009088-2021 and provides advance notice to interested suppliers in the cleaning and hygiene sector of the renewal of this solution

  • A Soft Market Testing Questionnaire (SMTQ) has been issued on 20 April 2021 via the NEPO eTenderportal. Suppliers wishing to access and complete the SMTQ (includes a link for suppliers to complete a Social Value Survey) must first register on the NEPO Portal.

The SMTQ will allow potential suppliers in the market place to contribute towards shaping the renewal of NEPO417 Janitorial & Facilities Supplies. The submission date for completed SMTQ is Noon Tuesday 4 May 2021.

  • The PIN has also provided advance notice to the market place of NEPO’s intentions to potentially hold virtual one to one supplier meetings with interested organisations in the cleaning and hygiene Sector. This market approach is to be discussed further with the Solution’s Steering Group Members, but it is envisaged that one to one supplier meetings if they go ahead will be conducted via Microsoft Teams or other secure Platforms and will be limited to a particular number of suppliers.

Interested suppliers wishing to register their interest must do so in writing to Denise Corrigan (, by no later than Noon 7 May 2021. One to one supplier meetings with interested suppliers would be strictly limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per session and will be allocated on a first-come-first serve basis.

It is stated that involvement in any one to one supplier meeting would be optional and would not provide a supplier an advantage in any manner nor would it constitute a supplier’s intention to tender.

It is anticipated that the NEPO417 Janitorial & Facilities Supplies will commence on 22 May 2022. Please note, however, that these timescales are indicative and subject to change.

To receive notifications of opportunities relevant to your area of business, please register on the NEPO Portal. Registration is free of charge and will ensure you will receive the latest opportunities from NEPO, North East local authorities and Nexus, with the option to receive notifications from additional public sector buyers.