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19th October 2017

Market Consultation: A critical part of NEPO's approach

NEPO’s latest annual supplier survey identified that 93% suppliers find pre-procurement market consultation valuable. Further analysis found that suppliers would like these sessions to focus on technical specification and delivery of the contract, rather than details of the procurement process.

Market consultation can be undertaken in a variety of ways including events and surveys. It is a critical part of NEPO’s approach to procurement and can lead to the delivery of cost-effective, innovative solutions that offer maximum benefits for the North East.

NEPO recognise the importance of getting market consultation right and has developed a Market Consultation Guide to assist our procurement teams in the planning of the pre-procurement phase, helping them to reflect views from the supply market throughout the process.

The Guide provides tools and information to help procurement teams:
  • Understand the benefits of engaging with the market
  • Understand what the procurement requirement is in relation to what the market may be able to offer
  • Maximise the potential for local supply and the achievement of social value
If you are a supplier please ensure that you have registered on the NEPO Portal as this will be the route we use to send invitations to participate in market consultation.