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14th May 2019

Highways Surfacing and Road Markings: Soft Market Testing Exercise

Darlington Borough Council has published a survey (or Soft Market Testing Exercise - SMTE) to take views from contractors involved in highways surfacing and road markings.

The survey is part of the research phase in advance of a potential regional procurement exercise. Responses will help the Council to gauge the level of interest in this proposed procurement activity, and to better understand market capacity.

The procurement is in the early phase of development, but is likely to include:
  • Asphaltic Concrete
  • Grouted Macadam
  • Surface Dressing
  • Glass fibre reinforced Surface Dressing
  • Hot Applied High Friction Surfacing
  • Cold Applied High Friction Surfacing
  • Coloured Surfacing
  • Slurry Seal of Footways
  • Slurry Seal / Micro Asphalt of Carriageways
  • Carriageway in Full Depth Recycling
  • Carriageway Re-tread
  • Brush Hammer Mechanical Retexturing
  • Captive Shot Blasting - Mechanical Retexturing
  • Hydro blasting - Surface Retexturing
  • Patching
  • Ironwork
  • Road Markings
  • Spray Injection Patching
If you wish to take part in the survey, please visit the NEPO Portal (you will need a NEPO Portal account, registration is free of charge).

Response deadline is noon Friday 17 May 2019.