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6th December 2013

Have you registered your consultancy services with NEPRO?

NEPRO is a nationally available service used by public sector organisations to engage consultants, professional services and interim support.  The service was procured by the North East Procurement Organisation in order to ensure value for money for the public sector by providing a range of experienced suppliers able to deliver their professional service requirements in the most efficient way.

If you provide professional consultancy services to the public sector then you may be interested in applying to become an accredited NEPRO supplier.  Accredited suppliers represent a wide range of consultancy categories such as finance, construction, marketing, social care, training… and more.

The application process is straightforward and once complete you will be:

  • Provided with an efficient, procurement-compliant route to do business with the public sector.
  • Notified of consultancy opportunities that match the buying organisation’s specification and your profile.
  • Offered feedback on the client’s decision.
Visit the NEPRO website to find out more about NEPRO and the supplier accreditation process

Contact information: Email or Tel. 0191 300 1410