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4th October 2017

Attracting new customers through NEPO associate membership

Did you know that the majority of NEPO solutions are accessible by all UK public sector organisations? This presents an opportunity for us to work together to increase business via NEPO solutions. Contracting authorities simply sign up to NEPO’s associate membership scheme in order to access our procurement solutions.

Membership is free-of-charge and saves the customer from having to undertake their own procurement activity (saving an estimated £8k in procurement officer time), whilst providing access to compliant and value-for-money solutions.

Associate Membership is available to local authority councils, educational establishments, emergency services, NHS bodies, registered charities, registered social landlords and central government departments & their agencies.

Read more about Associate Membership here.

The Bloom approach

Bloom are NEPO’s delivery partner for NEPRO, a solution that allows public sector bodies to appoint specialist professional services. Bloom proactively engage with public sector customers, and have embedded NEPO associate membership into their new customer registration process.

Rob Levene, Managing Director at Bloom said:

“Bloom specialise in bringing together a community of buyers and suppliers to help the public sector buy and manage professional services better. As part of this ethos, it is essential that our public sector customers have a quick and well-defined route to procuring these services. By familiarising ourselves with the NEPO associate membership scheme and integrating it into our customer journey, we offer a seamless and mutually-beneficial experience.”

Find out more or request a copy of the associate membership form by emailing