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7th June 2018

​Supplier Survey Results

Every year NEPO issues a survey to suppliers who used the NEPO Portal to participate in tendering activity over the preceding twelve months. The 2018 survey was issued in May, and the response has provided NEPO with useful information that will shape our approach to procurement and inform our supplier development activity.

Survey findings:
  • 95% of responses were from suppliers with a North East Headquarters.
  • 84% of responses were from SMES or sole traders.
  • 81% agreed that doing business with the public sector is the same or improving.
  • 65% agreed that local and regional procurement meets supplier needs.
Suppliers rated the following as being the primary barriers to doing business with the public sector:
  • They feel unable to compete against an existing supplier.
  • Public sector market is perceived as too big to sell into.
  • Suppliers feel that their business would not be able to compete with larger regional suppliers.
  • Suppliers are not able to identify suitable contract opportunities.
NEPO would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. An action plan to address the findings will be developed in conjunction with NEPO’s Stakeholder Engagement Group and shared in future editions of our supplier newsletter.