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14th June 2018

​NEPO’s approach to measuring Social Value

NEPO and its Member Authorities recognise that effective procurement can create more than just financial savings, it can generate added-value for communities and local businesses. These additional benefits are known as “social value” outcomes and cover a range of areas, such as:
  • Employment opportunities
  • Developing skills
  • Encouraging business growth
  • Creating healthier, safer, more resilient communities
  • Environmental protection and improvement
  • Promoting social innovation

NEPO and its Member Authorities are piloting a new approach to measuring social value in their procurement processes. The pilot projects will use the National TOMs Framework to measure and report social value. The Framework provides a minimum reporting standard for measuring social value. The pilots will cover nine procurement exercises of varying values and covering a range of goods and services.

The National TOMs Framework attributes a proxy value to social value activity, allowing procuring bodies to make comparisons and informed decisions during evaluation. For the NEPO pilots, the weighting for social value will be no less than 10%, and up to 20%.

The projects will be supported by Social Value Portal, who will offer expert guidance and advice to ensure that procurement teams have the necessary skills and knowledge to apply National TOMs effectively.

We look forward to reporting on the project outcomes in future editions of Supply NEPO.

Visit the Social Value Portal to read more about the National TOMs .