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8th October 2019

​NEPO launches solution for copier and print-room paper

NEPO has awarded a nationally-available framework agreement for the supply of both standard copier paper and specialist papers used by print rooms. NEPO425 commenced in September 2019 is available for use by public sector organisations across the UK.

Developed by Stockton Council on behalf of NEPO, the solution covers a wide range of printing and specialist papers that are commonly used in public sector organisations including:
  • Coated and uncoated papers
  • Recycled and virgin papers
  • Cut sheet papers
  • Wide format papers
  • A variety of paper sizes commonly used and specialist papers for commercial printing
  • A variety of paper sizes commonly used in office environments including A4 and A3 sizes
  • A variety of FSC and PEFC certified papers
NEPO425 allows public sector organisations to select paper stock from the most competitively priced supplier catalogues. The solution also covers the purchase of higher volume or bespoke requirements through a mini competition process.

The solution features three suppliers, Antalis Limited, Elliott Baxter & Co Limited, and Premier Paper Group Limited, who will proactively use their expertise to promote efficiencies and cost savings, such as switching to non-branded alternatives, and optimising order frequency to reduce costs.

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