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21st March 2019

​NEPO launch regional solution for the appointment of external training providers

NEPO has launched a new solution to help North East public sector bodies identify and appoint external training providers.

NEPO514 External Training Provision is available for use by North East local authorities and other public sector bodies within the region. The OJEU-compliant solution offers a value-for-money route to identify and appoint providers for a range of training.

Thirty-five training providers were appointed to the solution following the initial tender process. The solution takes the form of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), therefore new providers who meet the specified criteria will be added to the solution throughout its five-year term.

The solution comprises the following high level lots, each of which has a number of sub-lots (187 in total):
  • Lot 1 – External Training Provision
  • Lot 2 - Building Maintenance, Construction & Highways Training
  • Lot 3 - Corporate and Workforce Development Training
  • Lot 4 - Education and Schools Training
  • Lot 5 - Health and Safety Training
  • Lot 6 - Hospitality and Catering Training
  • Lot 7 - ICT Training
  • Lot 8 - Safeguarding Training
  • Lot 8 - Social Care (Adults’ and Children’s) Training
  • Lot 10 - Social Worker Training

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